Terms and Conditions of Use is an Official VoIP Reseller that provides recharges of Betamax/Dellmont accounts, made by credit transfer or production of voucher codes from our reseller account to customerís user account. Any account from the brands stated as eligible at the home page can be recharged. Each VoIP account is identified by the unique username. Rechargeable accounts have euro/dollar based balance, we can transfer whole amounts, with a minimum of 5 euros/10 dollars and a maximum of 500 euros/dollars per transaction.
When purchasing credit, customerís account will be recharged with the requested amount automatically within a few minutes.

Our responsibility is limited to recharge the customerís account accordingly with the paid amount and the username specified by the customer in the payment form. In case the username is invalid the account wonít be recharged. The customer can get in touch with the support of via contact form and request to correct the mistake or send the other account name.
The use of the VoIP services are regulated by the Terms of use stated at the web site of each brand.

Any claim regarding the use of VoIP services should be addressed to the service providerís customer services. A link to contact the customer services of each brand can be found in the top menu (Voip).

All recharges are made automatically. Maximum delay is 12 hours.

Refund policy

Please select the brand most proper to you using the rates comparison chart and checking the brandsí features. Please, be careful typing the username when you are filling the payment form. Once a credit transfer is made the operation cannot be reversed.
Wrong credit transfer caused by mistyping the username by the customer invokes his responsibility, and any claim to refund the payment will be refused.

In case the customerís account is blocked or canít be recharged because of some technical reasons, the customer can request to top up the other account or get the refund. All the refunds are made excluding the commissions of the payment system.

Claims of any refunds regarding the use of the VoIP services should be addressed to the service providerís customer services. As reseller we are not able to refund any payment for this reason.

Privacy policy does not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease or otherwise transfer any personal information collected through our service to any third party.

Data updated 18.01.2015

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