• Questions about the service

    • How long does it take to put money on the account?

      Usually it takes 20 minutes. Maximum delay of payment is 12 hours.
    • I've entered the wrong Username (login). What should I do?

      Email us. If the wrong login doesn't exist we'll correct it and you'll get money on your account. But if this login exists and was successfully recharged we can't give your money back.
    • Can you top-up the reseller accounts?

      Yes, we can. Visit the page for resellers. If you have a USD account, you will get an equivalent of EUR in USD at the current exchange rate. Betamax VoIP-provider will calculate this rate.
      E.g. (for 29.05.2011):
      You've paid 10 EUR. You will get 14.25 USD on your account.
    • How to top-up using Yandex-money?

      Watch this instruction "How to pay using Yandex-money"
    • How to top-up using the QIWI-wallet?

      Watch this instruction "How to pay using the QIWI-wallet"
    • How to top-up using the Ukash?

      Watch this instruction "How to pay using the Ukash". Find out more about Ukash at . At this site you can find answers for many questions such as: What is Ukash? How to use ukash? Where to Get Ukash? and others.
    • I don't have e-money. How can I pay?

      You can put your cash into the nearest terminal where the QIWI system is available. To do this you need to visit this web-site: QIWI and create the QIWI-purse.
      Watch this instruction "How to pay using QIWI-purse"
      Instruction "How to pay using the terminal" (Russian)

      To pay cash you can also send the money transfer CONTACT or pay in "Euroset"-shop. If you have a bank account you may pay for IP-telephony with the help of a bank card, cash terminal or internet-bank. You can also use your mobile phone.
  • Common questions about Betamax/Dellmont

    • How to choose an operator?

      Operators differ from each other with the rates, free directions and the amount of free days. Here (the summary table of all the operators) you may compare the rates and chose the most appropriate operator from Betamax/Delmont family.
    • Can I register the same Username with different VoIP-operators?

      No. Every Username is unique in the whole system of Betamax/Delmont VoIP operators.
    • Where can I find my username?

      Open the application. Your Username is indicated in the top title after the operator's name. For example, "FreeCall -". In this case FreeCall is the name of your operator, is your username.
    • Can I use one and the same Username both at home and work?

      Yes, you can.
  • The questions of tariffing

    • What is the minimum payment amount?

      The minimum payment is 10 EUR or USD depending on the operator you had chosen. You can use them for calls on charged destinations and pay for Phone-To-Phone connection (DIRECTCALL).
    • How can I find out my balance and the number of free days?

      1. Using the application. Choose the inlay "Start". Your balance is indicated in: "Your account credit is" Below you can find the number of free days.
      2. Login on your operator's website. On your account page the available account balance and the number of free days are also indicated. The address of your operator's website you can find here.
    • Where can I find the history of recharge?

      On your account page using the inlay "Purchases". The address of your operator's website you can find here.
    • What will happen after recharge?

      You can make calls all over the world according to your VoIP-operator's rate. In addition you get an opportunity to call on free destinations which your operator provides within some fixed free minutes. Find more about the rates on the website of your VoIP-provider. The address you can find here.
    • How many free days will I get?

      If your operator provides free destinations for calls, after recharge you will get the definite number of days coordinated by your provider. Usually this number is 60-120 days. The concrete information you can find on your VoIP-operator's page of the rates. You can find this information here.
    • What will happen when the free days are finished?

      All free destinations wont be free till you recharge your account again. That time you will pay 0,01-0,02cents per minute for destinations which were free.
    • How can I calculate the price of call when two telephones are connected (DirectCall or Phone-to-Phone)?

      The calculations are as follows:
      Charge for connection + price per 1 minute on the first destination + price per 1 minute on the second destination. If you make call on one of free destinations, this call will be free of charge. (both directions also can be free of charge).
      Example (made up on 29.04.2011 for operator
      The price for connection of two numbers in Russia (landline phone number and mobile phone number) will be 0,073 $ for the first minute: 0,024 $ (mobile) + 0,01 $ (landline) + 0,039 $ for connection and 0,034 $ for further minutes: 0,024 $ (mobile) + 0,01 $ (landline).
      Find more about DirectCall (Phone-to-Phone call).
    • What is the limit of 200(300) minutes per week?

      The possible reasons:
      1. If you connect two free destinations by DirectCall (Phone-to-Phone), you need to multiply the duration of call by two.
      2. The number of used free minutes (considering the double ones) mustn't exceed 200(300) minutes per last 7 days, not considering the present day.
      3. You use the common IP-address which is used by all the subscribers of your net. Probably some of them also use one of the Betamax/Delmont services.
      4. You got the IP-address which was used by another subscriber who was making calls on your free direction during 7 days.
      5. Some other reasons are possible. (Ask your operator's support).
    • My balance is close to zero, but I have some free days. Can I make calls for free?

      You can use the free days until your balance equals zero.
    • How can I find out how many minutes were used during the last 7 days?

      Go to your account page. Choose the inlay "Recent Calls". Push "All calls" to see the whole history of calls: all your free and charged calls are enumerated in the table. Take into consideration, that if you made an order of connection on two free destinations, the duration of such call needs to be multiplied by two.
    • What happens when the limit of 200(300) minutes is exceeded?

      The calls on free directions will be charged.
  • Technical questions

    • How to install the application?

      For program installation use this instruction.
    • How to start the application?

      The application runs automatically by default when the operating system is started. If you want to change this setting, start the application; go to "Tools" then "Options". Choose the point "Advanced"; eliminate the tick in front of "Start app when I start Windows"
    • What is the necessary Internet speed?

      64 Kbit/c - is a minimum Internet speed for VoIP applications, so the standard modem connection is enough.
    • How much of the traffic does the application use?

      350-750 Kbytes per minute.
    • How to change the language of application?

      When the application is installed you will be offered to choose the language. If you want to change this setting after installation, start the application, go "Tools" then "Select Language" and choose the language you want.
    • How can I make call with the help of PC app?

      At the bottom of the application window find the textbox. Enter there the number in the international format (e.g. +74951000000 - The World Time Server).Press "Connect".
      The detailed instruction on using the application.
    • How should I enter the number?

      You need to enter the number in the international format: +.
      E.g. Russia, Moscow +749512345678
      E.g. Ukraine, Kiev +380612345678
    • How can I use DirectCall (Phone-to-Phone call)?

      By calling this way operator start the call by calling you on your callback phone number and after that operator call the number you want to call. When both parties answer the phone, system connect both. The costs for this phonecall are = Startcost + cost for callback to your phone number + cost for calling the number that you want to call.
      Find more about DirectCall(Phone-to-Phone).
    • How to sms in the application?

      In the application choose the inlay "Sms".
      Fill in all the fields:
      The field "My Phonenr": leave this field empty and the message will be sent from your Username;
      The field "To": enter the number of an addressee;
      The field "Sms Text": text of the message;
      The field "Time to send": you may send the message instantly (choose "Now") or delay it and the program will send it at the fixed time (Choose "Later" and fix the time).
    • How to send sms from my number?

      In the application choose the inlay "Sms".
      Fill in all the fields:
      The field My Phonenr: choose the number from the list of your numbers. If you want to send a message from the new number, you need to confirm that it is correct. To do this, enter your new number in the field "My Phonenr". The program will send sms with a testing code; you should enter this code in the application. After testing you will be able to send messages from your number.
      The field "To": enter the number of an addressee;
      The field "Sms Text": text of the message;
      The field "Time to send": you may send the message instantly (choose "Now") or delay it and the program will send it at the fixed time (Choose "Later" and fix the time).
    • How to add a contact in the application?

      In the program menu Choose "Tools" then "Add a contact", then enter the Username, Name or e-mail.
    • How to start chat with online user of VoIP?

      In the application choose the inlay "Contacts", choose and click the right mouse button on the user you need, choose the point "Chat".
    • How can I go to my account page?

      1. Using the application. Choose the inlay Start. Click the link "Click here to go to your account page".
      2. Using the provider's website. Open your provider's website. The list of providers and their websites is here. Login: enter your Username and Password. They are the same as in the application.
    • I forgot my password. What should I do?

      Open your provider's website or application. Push "Forgot your password?" Enter your e-mail, which you had entered during the registration. Your Username and Password will be sent to your e-mail.