What is Betamax/Dellmont

Betamax/Dellmont is VoIP-provider, which represents the family of VoIP-programs:

Every program has its own different privileged destinations, different currency and, accordingly, the lowest rates. Here (the summary table of all the operators) you can compare the rates and choose the most appropriate operator from Betamax/Dellmont family.

A lot of operators offer free destinations for calls. It means that after recharge you can make free calls to some countries during the time, fixed by your operator. Usually this time varies from 60 to 120 days. Also there is a limit on the number of minutes per week – from 200 to 300.

After you have chosen the program, visit the website and register. During the registration you’ll get a unique Username. You won’t be able to register in the other Betamax/Dellmont program using the same Username.

Then you need to top-up. You can do it here. Minimum payment is 10EUR or USD.
After recharge you can call to any phone at good prices.

Different ways of making calls:
Using the headphones and the microphone with the VoIP client installed on your computer
Using your own telephone, ordering the connection by the method Phone-To-Phone
By connecting your phone using a SIP device
Using the application on your mobile phone

Our company is the official reseller of Betamax/Dellmont.
For recharge in any program of this VoIP-provider you need to enter the Username, top-up amount, choose your VoIP-program and choose the most convenient way of payment.

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